Sunday, 15 July 2007

A problem of a lot of problems

A view from Syrian traditional market in Aleppo(from Agencies)

Mustafa Hamido

ACTUALLY ,WE ARE FACING A PROBLEM IN ELECTRICITY IN SYRIA. It is not a new thing for people here. They had faced such this problem in early 1990's due to a lot of reasons. The main reason for all that is the corruption . Syrian bureaucratic system is totally corrupted .Changing ministers and prime ministers has not effected any thing here. The problem is not actually in the officials which are temporary in their responsibilities . It is actually in those who have spent decades in authorizations and ministries. The mentality itself should be changed. Any real talk about reform will not be real without a real talk about the mentality. Electricity is not the only problem which the mentality is accused in. it is just a symbol about what we are facing in Syria. Because electricity is more connected to basic people needs, we are talking about it here. If you go to the telecommunication sector you will see disasters. Fortunately we are not enough developed to connect our life to this sector, however, we are at the end of the rank in telecommunication in comparison to our neighbors in the region. Frankly, we need a real change in the officials' mentality to achieve a real reform and development.


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