Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Syria will be the solution of Iraqi’s crisis

Syria hadn't support the American invasion of Iraq. It has warned that that invasion will lead to a lot of troubles in Iraq and the middle east. It is  accused that it exports the terrorists to this country. Now , America has found that syria will help if a serious negotiation establishes with it.A srious plane is prepared y US experts to involve syria into the Solution of the Iraqi's Crisis. This plane should consider the foolowing topics to be effective:

1- The Kurdish hopes should be with limits and not opened to any independece ambition.

2- The Kurdish terrorsit groupes should be dissloved and prohibited .

3- American troops which may stay in Iraq for another years sholud not interfer in the internal affairs of neighbor countries.

4- American should put a clear plane to a gradual pull out from Iraq.

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