Friday, 4 August 2006

What will happen if Al-Aqsa is destroyed?

What will happen if Al-Aqsa is destroyed?
August 4, 2006

It is the third most important for Muslims worldwide. It is Al-Aqsa mosque which is located in Jerusalem which is under Israeli occupation. A simple question has raised when I was thinking about the conflict which is going on in the Middle East. It is very complex issue which is expected to happen one a day. Maybe it will be a sign for the third world war; however, are the Muslims ready for this war? From what we see and the Muslims reactions to massacres in Lebanon and Gaza we can't expect a lot from them. I only expect that one of the Wahabis will say that the mosque is not important and we shouldn't cry for it and we must continue our normal life. That is exactly what they are saying about Hizbollah conflict with Israel. They accused it and its members as (Kafirs) who aren't believe in one god. The Wahabism is isolated in the Arab world nowadays; however, its power is extracted from the country which propagate it(Saudi Arabia) and which is seizing all the media in the middle east and use it to spread the Wahabism to achieve its targets and save its interests.


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