Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Gays are spreading

Gays are spreading
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a surprise!! We are in Islamic country which told daily that the Islamic values are respected. Iam talking about one of the gulf countries who gays are spreading in it or another word appear from their hidden undergrounds. In above picture, a man in a traditional cloth makes up himself in a stand of make ups in one of the most famous supermarket in the country. I catched him. He leaned to the right and left to secure himself from people's curiosity. By chance I photo him and kept it to publish it later to form a kind of an open forum about this phenomenon. The picture is not so clear to know the man or to make a scandal for him. The Zoom of the camera I used made it unclear enough. The distance from where I took the photo was too far; however, I succeeded in taking it. Give me your opinion please.


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